Top 50 startups where talent wants to work

The word “start-up” has become synonymous with young companies ready to disrupt mutilated industries or completely change the way we consume.

And today, we’re excited to release the Top 2017 startup ranking – a new addition to the list of top companies, which represents the top 50 most wanted startups in the United States.

To summarize the list, we analyzed billions of interactions between professionals and companies that were created less than 10 years ago and received at least one venture capital funding. Our goal was to identify which of these companies are attracting the most interest among professionals and are the most sought-after employers.

Congratulations to the winners – this list reflects the courageous innovation of your company and the strong employer brands you have built in such a short time!

Tips for recruiting top talent as a startup

The companies that created the list came here because they hired and kept extraordinary talents. As a small start-up, attracting talent can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. Their approach must be different from that of the big boys.

Tammy Han of First Round Capital, a seed capital investment company that supports start-up companies such as Uber, TaskRabbit, Warby Parker and many others, has some useful recruitment tips for startups and businesses from all sectors:

1. Go with what you know – across your network: If you are a startup with limited resources, it is important to start with people who are already in your corner. “So often, there are people who are not immediately obvious, but they are in sight,” says Tammy.

2. Have someone who devotes at least 50% of their time to recruitment: most start-up companies do not have recruiters, which means they will become an already over-developed CEO job. According to Tammy, someone has to spend at least half of his time. “You can not expect talented people to go through your business by magic or luck,” she says.

3. Be open to candidates on the least enjoyable work realities: Working with start-up start-ups can involve significant wage reduction (in relation to equity), a chaotic and timely atmosphere and a stressful workload . Take responsibility for several people. Tammy says it’s important to talk about these issues early and directly.

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