3 ways to adjust your hiring strategy from a small business to a medium-sized business

If you are a growing small business, you need to change your recruitment approach.

I understand – working in a small business is difficult. The successful growth of 100 or 200 employees is a success to celebrate. But how to reach the next 100, 200 or 300 employees? Small businesses that are about to start a mid-size business need to start with a middle-class business mentality.

Here are three areas where talent managers of mid-sized companies think differently. Concentrate here and you can grow your business successfully.

Prioritize the attitude of engineering on business development

As a small business, your main responsibilities are sales, business development and operations. Having quality in these three functions is so important to build a solid foundation. Meanwhile, talent managers of mid-sized companies rely on engineering and business development. As these companies think about scaling up to reach new customers and support their existing customers, a solid online experience is essential.

With 64% of talent and HR managers in SMBs believing that their hiring team will likely remain the same, you need to hire smarter, more important jobs that have the greatest impact on your growth. If you want to become a small business, you need to focus on developing your engineering team.

Track and optimize your sources for quality settings

When you hire staff, you do not want to compromise on quality. A bad rent in a medium-sized business can be just as bad as a small business. Measure the source of your quality mandates to know where to focus.

Our research suggests that employee references are an important source of quality mandates for small and medium-sized businesses. This is not surprising, as employees surveyed are hired faster, get better results and stay longer in the business (some of the most interesting indicators for recruiters). As mid-sized businesses grow faster, they tend to focus more on job sites and social networks to scale effectively.

Diversify your employer-brand mix and experiment with measures

As a small business, you have made great efforts to have your employer brand contact candidates. As a mid-sized company, you have had initial success with employer branding. With more money and more trust, and the need to hire highly qualified people to accelerate your corporate culture, it is more likely that midsize companies will diversify their employer brand channels.

Mid-sized companies are focusing more on their career pages and job sites for businesses, possibly for a number of reasons. First, as they grow and think more about their activities, they want to share the same experiences as their LinkedIn brand channels and social media. They are also more willing to hire more beginning talent, so they focus more on campus recruitment than in a small business.

Measuring the effectiveness of the employer’s brand image remains a challenge and depends on the size of the company. Small businesses use more web and social metrics, while midsize businesses take into account internal survey data and better prices for employers.

To learn more about the trends and trends that help your small business grow, check out the 2017 Small Business Trends and Trends Report, which focuses on key aspects of your peers.

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